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Half & full-day doggy daycare & playtime for your pets when you can’t be with them.
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Daycare & Boarding Forms

Download and submit using the instructions on the form, or stop by our office and complete in person.


At Dogcity, safety comes first. All our guests are pre-tested for behavior and compatibility to ensure that your pet will be staying with equally well-mannered guests.


  • Clean, safe environment
  • Socialization and cognitive stimulation
  • Playtime and exercise opportunities
  • Experienced staff member always nearby
  • Special “senior center” for elder dogs
  • Complimentary nail trims when you purchase a Daycare package for 20 full day or half days.
  • All daycare packages have a 6 month expiration date

Additional Daycare Information

Note: "Half days" are for any five (5) hour block within business hours. "Full days" are five (5+) hours or more during a single business day. All packages expire 6 months from purchase date.

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Before you arrive

Just a few things to go over before you arrive


Some guidelines for getting your dog ready for a stay at DogCity. These will help things go more smoothly and also help us out a lot in looking after your loved one.

Details & FAQ

Due to the number of questions we receive regarding Temperament Tests we have prepared this FAQ sheet. Please review  and contact us when ready to schedule a test.

Checklist of things to bring on your first day.

How to get started

Steps you'll need to take to enroll your pup in DayCare or Boarding at DogCity

1. Review Guidelines and Policies

To ensure your pet is eligible to stay at DogCity, please review our guest DayCare and Boarding Guidelines and Policies page.

2. Fill out an application

To begin Daycare and/or Boarding with us you will first need to complete an application. The application and included questionnaire allow us to become acquainted with your pet(s) and help us to safely interact with them. We appreciate your openness and level of detail on the application for the benefit of your pet and all our furry guests here.

3. Submit vaccination records

To ensure that none of our guests make any other guests sick, and ensure your pet’s safety, we require that all of our guests to have up to date vaccination records. The following vaccines are required for all guests:

  • Rabies
  • DHLPP Combo
    • Distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and parvovirus.
  • Bordetella Vaccination (required every 6 months)
  • Negative Fecal Exam (within the last year)
  • Puppys

How to submit vaccinations:

Upload and submit your vaccination records below.

4. Schedule a Temperament Test

At DogCity, dog safety is our primary concern. For the benefit of your pet and others, we require that all of our guests have passed a temperament test (i.e., an evaluation of your dog’s social behavior). This test helps to ensure that we do not have any aggressive, highly anxious & under socialized dogs mixed in with the rest of the pack and helps protect all of our furry friends. Amount of daycare required prior to boarding may vary depending on the temperament test. Daycare prior to boarding your pooch which does not  participate in regular daycare will be asked to do a half day or more to avoid anxiety. Your pooch is not a regular daycare dog  this may be required for every boarding.The temperament test also helps to ensure that your dog will enjoy participating in the services offered by DogCity Daycare. For more information, view our Temperament Test Details and FAQs page.

5. Start using DayCare and/or schedule a Boarding visit!

Once we have your application, vaccination records, and a successful Temperament test, we will confirm your eligibility .you will be ready to go.

  • No appointment is necessary, although we do have random days we fill up. Simply drop your dog off during business hours, or call to reserve space for your pup.
  • Be sure your dog(s) have quick release collars and name tags. See, What to Bring.
  • Call (206) 402 - 6959 to schedule a reservation.
  • Review our page on What to Bring prior to your visit.
  • For information on drop offs and pickups outside of business hours, please visit our Policies page.

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