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Extended stays in comfortable suites with full daytime playtime privileges with other dogs.
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Grooming Forms

Download and submit using the instructions on the form, or stop by our office and complete in person.


Our skilled groomers ensure your pet looks and feels their absolute best, combing expertise with gentle care. Our grooming service goes beyond simple washing and trim. We offer a comprehensive and holistic approach grooming experience that prioritizes and goes beyond aesthetics. This promotes your dog’s overall well-being, ensuring they not only look their best but also feel their best.

Dogs first grooming

A puppy cut is designed for your puppy's first visit to the groomer. We take extra time to acclimatize your dog to the grooming process. Puppies have a harder time sitting still for extended periods in the hopes of allowing us to do as much as they want us to do (all over body trim). In addition to getting used to the clippers, puppy cuts (aka partial cut) usually consist of a bath and brush out, sanitary trim, eye trim, pad shave, nail trim ear cleaning. We strive to make their first grooming experience as positive as possible.

Additional Grooming Information

Prices may vary depending on breed, size, hair length, condition of coat, etc.

Know the vaccination requirements, if you would like your dog to join daycare after their grooming, we require Bordetella vaccinations every 6 months. For grooming clients only Bordetella annually. However, DA2PP and Rabies vaccinations must always be current.

See our Grooming Pricing Details for a description of each grooming service above.

Before you arrive

Just a few things to go over before you arrive


Some guidelines for getting your dog ready for a stay at DogCity. These will help things go more smoothly and also help us out a lot in looking after your loved one.

Details & FAQ

Due to the number of questions we receive regarding Temperament Tests we have prepared this FAQ sheet. Please review  and contact us when ready to schedule a test.

Checklist of things to bring on your first day.


Steps you'll need to take to have your dog groomed at DogCity

Fill Out An Application

To begin Grooming with us you will first need to complete an application. The application and included questionnaire allow us to become acquainted with your pet(s) and help us to safely interact with them. We appreciate your openness and level of detail on the application for the benefit of your pet and all our furry guests here. When you complete your application, you can email it to us using the form below.

Schedule an appointment

Please call us at (206) 402-6959 to schedule your dog for grooming. Grooming is by appointment only. No walk-ins.

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